A downloadable Prototype for Windows


Developed for a 4th year Honours project, the Vigilante Combat and Movement System is designed and developed with the goal of using Unreal's physical animation toolset along with procedural techniques to create a visceral and reactive first person shooter experience. This is not a game so much as an interactive tech demo.


  • Three fully functioning weapons. 
  • Three levels and a main sandbox hub. 
  • Basic enemy shooter AI.
  • Modern FPS mechanics including: 
    • ADS 
    • Vaulting 
    • Sliding 
    • Crouching 
    • Reloading 
    • Kicking
    • Grenades


Despite some optimisation work, the prototype is quite demanding on the GPU. Although tweaking graphics options may allow it to run on lower powered hardware (going from Ultra to High provides a fair performance boost with little visual penalty), from current experience, it's recommended:

  • Any modern i5 or equivalent AMD model.
  • A GTX 1060 (or Vega 56) for 1080p, GTX 1080 for 1440p.
  • 8GB of RAM.


Standard modern first person shooter controls:

JumpSpace BarA
Interact (Next to button)
 Pick Up (Next to weapon)
MeleeFRight Stick (Button)
Slide (While sprinting)
Left Ctrl/CB
Sprint ToggleLeft ShiftLeft Stick (Button)
Aim Down SightsRight Mouse ButtonLeft Trigger
Fire WeaponLeft Mouse ButtonRight Trigger
Throw GrenadeGRight Bumper
MovementW (Forward)
A (Left)
S (Backward)
D (Right)
Left Stick
LookMouseRight Stick
Quick TurnN/ALeft Bumper


  • The sounds are sourced from the various Sonniss GDC sound libraries. 
  • The Anson font by Mikko Nuuttila. 
  • The Teleindicadores font by Cuatrocientos Cuarenta. 
  • Contains some art and animation sourced from the Epic Games Store, Mixamo and Devassets.

Install instructions

Extract the .zip file and run the .exe


Windows 281 MB
Version 7 Jun 27, 2019

Development log