A downloadable game for Windows


W,A,S,D to move

Spacebar to place floating balls of death that were totally not intended to be bullets which we couldn't figure out to move.

R to immediately run out of stamina (allowing the level to end).


Developed in 48-ish hours for the Abertay Game Development Society Game Jam.

In Notline Miami (featuring no copyright infringement whatsoever), you are capable of speeds so fast that the world around you seems to stand still. However, you were never much of an endurance runner.

In each level, you have to kill all the enemies before you run out of stamina, during this time the enemies won't move and you are free to set up all of your murderous glory. If you do run out of stamina and you didn't manage to kill all the enemies. The enemies will hunt your defenceless soul down.


This game is highly experimental, and we're all pretty new to game development. As a result, the game has flaws. Notably the fact that while we do have 2 levels, only the first one is fully functional (well, functional). Furthermore, only a few of the planned features made it into this build.


Benjamin West - Programmer

Lewis Wilson - Programmer

Jonathan Duncanson - Programmer

Robert J Harper - Designer/Artist

Enjoy, if you can.

Install instructions

Extact the zip and open the executable.


Notline Miami_Release.zip 51 MB